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Forchem's first annual maintenance shutdown goes smoothly


Länsi-Suomi, Anne Laurila

The tall oil refinery has been operating in Rauma forjust under two years

The first annual maintenance shutdown during the soon two years of operation at Forchem’s tall oil refinery was completed in the first week of September. The week-long maintenance shutdown was the first in which TUKES, the safety technology authority that controls the safety of hydraulic equipment, participated. The previous, shorter shutdowns were mainly concerned with the testing of the new plant’s equipment. No major surprises arose during the maintenance shutdown. The chemically-treated cooling water for the equipment seems to be contaminating the pipelines more than expected, however this is not a major problem.

“We just have to figure out what chemicals to put into the process water to avoid residuals,” says Esko Kiviranta, who is in charge of process development.

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