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Production increase and new tall oil products


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Tall oil producer Forchem Oy intensifies operations at Rauma

Rauma-based Forchem Oy specialises in the distillation of crude tall oil, a by-product of chemical wood pulping, and has rapidly become a leading producer in its field in Europe. This high-technology tall oil fractionation plant, the world’s biggest dry distillation unit in its field, went on stream two years ago. The company is now preparing to complete its investment plan to reach the target production capacity of 150,000 tonnes.

“We’re increasing basic production and investing in the development of new upgraded tall oil products,” says Martti Fredrikson, President and CEO of Forchem.

“The full-scale implementation of the new production facility and the optimising of the many previously untested sub-processes made our first full year of operations, 2003, a challenging one. It turned out to be a financial and technological success, though. We even managed to carry out an expansion investment worth 2.3 million euros.

“Our latest initiative, the FOR150 project, puts into effect our original production capacity target of 150,000 tonnes a year. The work is being conducted flexibly without interfering with the normal production process. Rintekno Oy, who have provided technical engineering for the plant from an early stage, will also be in charge of the upcoming project. Short production stops will take place at the beginning of 2005 and early summer. The whole process will be implemented in stages during 2005.

“Despite a general decline in the rosin market, Forchem’s second year of operations, 2004, continued successfully with streamlining of operations. I believe the fact that we were able to patent several technical process improvements and develop new products for the market at the same time was also of great importance.

“Our new rosin soap, a paper chemical, had an excellent reception. Our R&D also succeeded in creating a new, improved tall-oil-based range of distilled products for our customers, which was well received by European specialty chemicals manufacturers,” says Martti Fredrikson.

Forchem Oy had all management systems certified at once

Forchem Oy, the tall oil producer with state-of-the-art production technology, started its operations in 2002 in strict compliance with all key quality, environmental and occupational health and safety standards. Operations were developed during last year to fully comply with all requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Certification for all three management systems was obtained at one go in December 2004.

“The simultaneous certification of the key management systems is a joint effort of the plant and a great achievement for the entire staff. All our employees both in Finland and abroad participated in building the system,” says President and CEO Martti Fredrikson.

“Certified management systems demonstrate Forchem’s commitment to the continuous improvement of total quality, customer satisfaction and environmental and occupational
safety issues to our customers and other stakeholders. The systems lend our operations a systematic and effective edge and help manage risks.

“Forchem now has access to the best tools for the production of top-quality tall oil products,”says Martti Fredrikson.

Press Release January 2005

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