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REACH exemption for tall oil fatty acids

10.11.2009 13:20

European manufacturers of hydrocarbon resins and rosin resins, Harrpa, and the H4R consortium, have agreed that on the basis of their interpretation of the REACH regulations they should be able to claim an exemption from registration for tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) and certain salts.


The exemption is claimed under section 9 of Annex V of the regulation covering substances from natural sources that have not been chemically modified. Forchem’s full range of TOFA is covered by this exemption including For 2 and For 2X.


Work is ongoing in preparation for the full registration of Forchem’s other main products including distilled tall oil (DTO) and tall oil rosin (TOR) by the deadline of end of November 2010.

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TOFA exemption


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